"Working with Lindsay, I gained a keen business mind, a passionate collaborator, and a marketing magician who can bring ideas to life in a truly special way. She cares deeply about highlighting what makes you/your product unique and works tirelessly to creatively amplify your message. After taking the time to really understand my values and strengths, she switched gears from analytical to creative, and generated a variety of fun, novel, and attention-grabbing approaches
to help communicate my brand."

– Christopher Robertiello, Senior Video/Brand Lead at Google

"Lindsay is by far the most creative, intelligent, and thoughtful human I know."

– Tamara Jenkins, Founder of Vicaso.com,
a retired Olympian, Director of the film “Personal Gold”

"Lindsay is one of the most creative people I know. Through the years that we have worked together, I have watched her come up with innumerable unique concepts for clients and execute them flawlessly. She works for each company as if it is her own, putting her heart and soul into each idea. I would trust her implicitly to create and carry out a marketing and public relations plan for either of our companies."

– Trisha Gardner, Owner of EdgeQuarters and Designer Fluff

"When Lindsay gets behind a project, event or activity you get a powerhouse team member and leader.
Lindsay gives 100% + efforts by way of her creative ideas, natural talent, enthusiastic personality, and professionalism.  
What I have been so impressed with over all the years I have known and worked with Lindsay, is her "out of the box" creative ways to achieve the set goal and her "nothing is impossible" positive attitude. Working with Lindsay is an inspiring, motivating experience."

– Julie M. Trujillo, Director, External Relations- The University of Arizona